Let’s Build Dreams Together!

In 2023, we created history by receiving donations from more than 50% of alumni for four consecutive years. IIT Gandhinagar is likely the first educational institution to accomplish this in India. Additionally, IIT Gandhinagar alums have established 28 endowed scholarships. This is a testament to the firm commitment of our alums toward the advancement and progress of IIT Gandhinagar.

IIT Gandhinagar brings together some of India's most brilliant and creative minds to work toward an innovative and inspiring future. Support us in shaping and illuminating the ambitious minds of this country.

Sacred Tradition

Giving back is a sacred tradition of IITGN Alumni. The support and encouragement that IITGN has received from Alumni over the years are unparalleled.

Make difference

Your support has been beneficial to IITGN students and the community. By giving back, you are joining a community that rallies to ensure a better future for each student at IITGN.

Positive Impact

Your regular contributions make a positive impact every year on IITGN. It makes a positive impact in the life of the students and IITGN Community members.

Choose your fund

Make a change today by supporting the domains that interest you. Select a category that you are passionate about and support IITGN!

Sponsor a meal

The ‘Sponsor a Meal’ campaign by Nyasa provides a hot, nutritious meal to the children of migrant construction workers. Be a part of the solution, sponsor a meal today.

Choose Your Fund

Whether you’re interested in supporting the ambitious basketball team, the diligent housekeeping staff, or other aspects of our mission, your contribution matters, you can help build and strengthen IITGN’s future. Select a fund that inspires you and support IITGN!
International Internship

More than 50% of UG and PG students of IITGN get an opportunity to pursue internships abroad. The international internships, including travel, are fully funded by the Institute.

Student Financial Support

IITGN Supports Students financially through laptop grants, free basic mess allowance, soft loans, nominal pocket allowance, etc.

Entrepreneurship Fund

Entrepreneurship at IITGN promotes innovation and entrepreneurship among students. It aims to help students take their ideas to the early incubation stage by providing primary infrastructure and equipment support access.


A student-led social initiative that impacts over 4,000 children annually. It aims to support and educate the children of migrant construction workers in and around the campus.  


Empowering 3000+ individuals from grassroots communities in 15+ villages through skill development. It strives to grow the employability and entrepreneurship mindset of the neighboring rural communities.

Amalthea Fund

One of India’s top Tech Summits run by IITGN Students. The motto of ‘Prosperity Through Technology’ brings together the brightest minds of the country.

Basketball Fund

It is a sport enjoyed by students as a form of exercise and competition, fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership skills. 

Blithchron Fund

The Annual cultural festival at IITGN is run by Students. It features Panche, an exquisite fashion show, Antaragnee, for theatre enthusiasts, and much more.

Cultural Club Fund

Jazbaa, The Prom, Winter Carnations, Cult Meet, Blithzlag, Dance, Music, and numerous other fun festivities!

Hallabol Fund

It is regarded as a cultural legacy for the IIGN community. It gathers all of IITGN on the playground. 10 days, 15+ games, and more than 2000 registrations.

Housekeeping and Mess Staff Fund

IITGN's unsung heroes that preserve order and cleanliness on campus. Give your support to the people and fraternity that make IITGN pristine. 

Volleyball Fund

It brings together students for friendly matches that promote fitness, teamwork, and camaraderie.

Football Fund

It is a popular recreational activity that provides students an opportunity to engage in physical activity and socialize with their peers.

Jashn Fund

An intra-college cult Fest run by IITGN students. It has panipuri eating contests and live angry birds events and lots more!


Fostering innovative and creative artistic expression at IITGN. It has hosted over 100 events with a diverse range of international and local artists.